For a long time I wanted to write about this interesting person whose biography is connected with with Finland and its capital Helsinki where this interesting person — Charles Fazer was born. He opened the first confectioner’s shop and cafe more than hundred years ago, in 1891. And till now on the same place it still works as a cafe, in the center of Finnish capital. In 1890 Charles goes to be trained in confectionery business in St.-Petersburg, then to Paris and to Berlin.

Then, having returned to Helsinki, he began his activity: family business quickly developed, and there was soon a first confectionery factory, the name of the owner became more and more known. Absolutely still a young man, having begun business with opening of a cafe and a confectioner’s shop in the center of Helsinki, having made it an attractive place where it is possible to drink a cup of excellent coffee and to eat a slice of a tasty pie, Charles becomes the owner of confectionery factory.

The cafe in Helsinki wasn’t simply a place to run in, taste a pie and to leave quickly, here it would be desirable to sit, have a talk, have a rest. The young owner understood the main thing: it is possible to involve people with any special atmosphere where it would be desirable to communicate with friends. The cafe became a part of Helsinki’s culture.

Charles Fazer was born in a family of the furrier – a family of eight children, among which subsequently there were famous Finnish musicians, but among all brothers only one became known in the world. The father wanted to see in this son also a trade person, without suspecting that he will gain popularity by the hobby which simply becomes confectionery business, instead of music. Father was surprised and not so happy for the choice of his son.
But his son knew, what to aspire to, and his business became the beginning of Finnish confectionery manufacturing and industrial scale.

In the end of the nineteenth century to Finland confectionery from Russia was brought, it was necessary to compete to cheaper qualitative Russian sweets and to win on this commodity market. Charles started to expand sale possibilities in other countries. And in 1898 sweets from Finland began to sell chocolate in Britain, in Holland and even in such exotic for those times countries as Ceylon and Morocco.
After acquisition of Independence the name of Fazer was in the list of known Finnish people not too far behind the president Svinhuvud and Marshal Mannergejm, and in some European states his name was more known, than names of many Finnish politicians.
Being trained in Europe and Russia, the future businessman understood the main thing in business — to work on prospect, offering the qualitative goods in esthetic and beautiful packing that would answer the high quality standard of the confectionery, capable to sustain to a competition among already known brands in Europe and Russia, and, besides, he has perfectly understood the value of good advertising. Fatser took best from those countries where he was trained in this business art, in particular, from Russia and France, as a result having made Finnish national product.