Top Three Things to do in Helsinki

If you have decided to visit Helsinki, then there could be a number of things that you are already planning to do while you are there. However, make sure that you take a look at our top three suggestions so that you do not miss out on an experience that you may have neglected to include on your list. There are all quite different so hopefully there will be something to appeal to everyone and many distinctive tastes.

Visit the Cathedrals

You may feel that if you have seen one cathedral you have seen them all but this is definitely not the case, Helsinki cathedral looks over the cityscape as it is perched on a hill and almost seems to shine at night. It has green domes on the roof of the white building which is in a neoclassical style. It was built in honour of Nicolas I the Russian Tsar in the mid 19th century and was originally called St Nicolas’ cathedral but changed it name once Finland become independent in 1917. For a big contrast the orthodox cathedral in Pormestarinrinne called Uspenski Cathedral is the largest orthodox church in Western Europe. It has red brick walls with towers with golden cupolas and it has some fantastic paintings inside, which are well worth looking at.

Go to the Casino

In a complete contrast, the night life can be great fun and the Casino Helsinki can be a really fun place to go to. Although many people are now going off to find a popular online casino, because casinos are often shut or people are not going out or travelling at the moment due to coronavirus, it is well worth planning to visit Helsinki while the casino is open. The atmosphere of being in a live casino is indescribable, there is so much adrenaline and there is so much fun to be had as well. Just set yourself a budget as you do not want to get carried away! You can play online to get an understanding of the different games and their rules as that means that you can have a more involved experience when you go as you will be able to start playing along right away if you want to or watching various games and being able to follow what is going on right away.

Go to the Sauna

Sauna is actually a Finnish word and there are three million saunas in the country and so you will not have trouble finding one to visit. It almost would seem a sin to leave the city without going to one. There are some that are closed to the public, but so many are open that you should be able to locate one that you can use. There is sauna etiquette to remember so check up on this before you go. Basically, men and women tend to be separated, they are normally naked but do allow towels and it should be quiet – usually no talking or very lowered voices.

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