Finland Tourism

Finland is known as one of the world’s centers of ecological tourism. Most big cities – Helsinki, Tampere and Turku offer a variety of attractions, high class hotels and good shopping opportunities for tourists.

Finnish cities are small enough and nearly all of their attractions are located within pleasant walking distance, or can be easily reached by public transport which is the best in the world.

Night life in Finland
Night life in Finland


Night life in these cities is boiling throughout the whole year, restaurants and cafes offer their customers a fascinating journey into the world of tastes and aromas.

With first warm sunny days many restaurants and cafes arrange summer terrace in the fresh air, here you can have a break from shopping, enjoy a drink and watch the course of the Finnish urban life in.


Finland hosts more than 2.5 million visitors a year.

The beautiful nature of Finland offers many opportunities for an exciting pastime both in summer and winter. People who love spending time outdoors and prefer active rest can become acquainted with its national parks and recreation areas where they can collect, within reasonable limits, mushrooms and berries, and stay for the night. In summer in Finland you can go horseback riding, biking, engage in fishing, boating, and play golf or go to a fascinating cruise along the coast.


Finland offers attractions and activities throughout the year. Most museums and art galleries are open both in summer and winter. However, many travelers will probably opt for the warmer months between May and September to go to the Land of a Thousand Lakes.

However winter in its turn has a lot of activities to offer as in Finland there are a lot of facilities for winter sport lovers.

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