Finnish wooden cottages, the music of wood and air

According to the dictionary it is possible to define that the dead wood is a contrast to a watery, wet, damp and crude tree. This tree which has dried up on a root is a fine material for house building and to live in such house, means to live, breathing dry pure air. The tree breathes and allows to breathe to all tenants.

The tree as rings, and gray soft light is additional illumination, sometimes аре radiating its wonderfully. Northern people are good judges, feel a tree and observe harmony of the size and all wooden design as a whole.

It is enough to remember Kizhi — a unique monument of wooden architecture which is fine and amazes imagination,with a tree in it — harmonical in all its arts, that what the result has turned out to be. Here you will not manage without love to a tree and without the special relation of the Master to that he what to see. Finns are known for their skills concerning trees, they know and feel a tree at building of the houses. Northern masters didn’t use nails earlier, depriving their work of something that could not help but on the contrary, could do much harm to a tree.

Old northern houses were convenient for residing of big country families under one roof, also all subsidiary premises conveniently settled down: a shed for a cow, the place for a horse, all fishing tackles, places where boats … In winter many things were made convenient — you have all near at hand, taking into account snow and cold winters, long nights and short winter days. More often for house-log hut building the dry pine of certain diameter, a tree strong (a building quality material), the trunks ringing and strong – a material perfectly keeping heat at the expense of tree density but, at the same time, passing air are used. At building from a dry tree there are no problems of calculations at construction, it is not necessary to think about many problems that arise in case of other materials. If you built a house of a live pine all the same triing to make a winter tree, when there is no movement of juice, a frost tree is always more healthy.

The internal maintenance of a log hut maintained northern style, combining convenience and beauty. It was not the momentary decision, they have reached it for long centuries, developing features of architecture of northern wooden architecture, transferring from generation to generation the skill, perfecting it to perfection.

In houses-log huts from a dead wood there is no dust which is a property of a dead wood, the tree grew, incorporating energy of the sun, then, standing still for many long years, winds, the sun, frosts gave it durability, force and cleanliness, having kept beauty and color which changes the shades from is noble- serebristo-gray-haired to all shades of gentle-yellow warm colors. For the Master on a tree there are excellent possibilities.

The Finnish relation to work supplements value to the tree, and the house becomes the standard of northern esthetics which have collected in all experience of ancestors and a modern direction at building of comfortable habitation.

The Finnish builders consider all: a choice of a place of construction, a wind rose, in what part of the world windows as beams of the sun and in what premises of the house …, not to mention the base, wreaths, a roof and other elements of fine creation. The furnace had important value in the house. And today in the constructed house-log hut the furnace is the main detail, then goes a sauna. Saunas wasn’t earlier at Finns in houses, they were under construction separately, near to the house, ashore, but even earlier, in the ancient time, the sauna was in dwelling or the dwelling and a saunas were more exactly a uniform. Rest in cottages from a dead wood… what can be better? To rent such a cottage is very easy and simple..

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