Diving in Finland

Diving is a popular direction of tourism in the southern countries for a long time. In Finland, of course, it is not a widespread hobby but if someone fells into the northern depths just once and has seen how the world under the north water is beautiful, he won’t leave this site any more and will return here again and again, attracted by this underwater north, as well as northern latitudes always do.

What to begin with?

First, it is necessary to be trained and receive the certificate, to lease equipment is possible, but masks, tubes, especially the equipment of personal plan necessarily should be yours. It is possible to take the rest in rent, at least initially, though shops here suffice to get qualitative things for this productive leisure.

Here, as well as in parachuting, it is necessary to try on all hundred times, the fact that helps Finns in this respect is that they don’t have negligence, but nevertheless… It is necessary to remember, for example, that a thickness of a diving suit always select under local conditions.

This is a whole science — selection of equipment, possession of it … in the conditions of the north the approach to all demands should be especially careful.

In Finland there are courses both during the spring-year-old period, and in autumn-winter, professionals will find here impressions that that they will never see in warm Egyptian and other southern depths which are of course also beautiful.
Perhaps, many fans of diving also don’t know that in Finland there are excellent possibilities for such productive leisure. Here you can see many beautiful underwater rocks and caves, and attract a considerable quantity of the sunk ships which have remained with the unsolved secrets on them, it is enough to remember a museum in Stockholm where perfectly remained ship lifted rather recently from depths, attracts thousand and thousand visitors. You do not cease to be surprised, looking at this ancient wooden creation of Vikings.

The seas and lakes of Scandinavia store these secrets and wait for the pioneers. We take, for example, the Aland islands where simply ample opportunities for diving, the history of islands is connected with Russian seamen, how many secrets can be found here! And places for such productive leisure round Helsinki and Turku are innumerable.

And the largest lakes of Finland Saimaa and Pjajjanne? Crystal-clear water, perfect visibility the round summer, convenient for boats and coast boats. The underwater chamber shows such unprecedented pictures of northern underwater world that friends will have  to move their interests from the warm seas to these ones when they will see these shootings.

In Finland there are a lot of diving centers near to resorts on sea Finnish coast and far away on lakes and the rivers with excellent service and competent instructors. Possession of instructors of different languages, knowledge of business, the excellent organization and service supplement effect from seen in depths.

The Finnish responsibility in all questions is obvious, especially, it is necessary, so far as it concerns diving.Cottages for rest are near the water, it is possible to rent a cottage, combining rest of the whole family and someone’s hobby for diving.

To Finland tourists from the different countries come for diving, all of them are attracted by more both the European Finnish service, and surprising northern deep water world.

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