Finns VS Fences

Those who have never reflected, what role in human life plays a fence, are advised to visit Finland. Finns don’t favor fences. And, it is necessary to tell, their absence on farms, in small towns and settlements is usual in the country of thousand lakes  most part of which is divided not by people but by  smooth surface of water and woods. Having refused fences, people have let in the nature directly into their court yard, to their porch, windows and entrances. And each construction, being entered not through a close geometry of the fenced architectural object, but in a live landscape, looks more proud.

If it is impossible to avoid a fence, they amaze with their elegance. For example, round factories, the enterprises and warehouses for which the fencing is absolutely necessary, it becomes transparent, hardly appreciable, but strong – from a steel grid. Such is the fashion of Finnish industrial design. And pastures of precious thoroughbred horses are fenced so that no one can touch the pride of animals, – an imperceptible delay of “electroshepherd”.

But if it is a question of safety or convenience of people fences here are enough. Hundreds kilometers of powerful fencings protect citizens from accident on highways, fence off from noise or harmful influence. From Soviet period there is a gloomy joke that Finns plan building of a 1300-kilometer fence on all Finnish-Russian border, though this is, of course, just a joke.

So Finns all the same don’t love fences…

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