Part of traditional Finland

Finland is one of the smaller countries in northern Europe. The traditions in Finland have ensured that the Finnish people make a larger contribution to the European cultural mosaic than their geographically bigger counterparts. The traditions in Finland are kept alive by people living in that country. One of them is the ancient Finland traditions of the Kalevala which are still recreated today.

Kalevala is a great Finnish epic written in the 19th century. The epic is a series of evergreen stories describing in detail the romantic and mythical Finland of yesterday years. The great stories inspired many paintings and music compositions. The folk traditions of Finland continue to inspire contemporary artists from all creative spheres in Finland.

The spian activities are a favorite among the common Finland traditions. The common citizenry of Finland are involved with the stage in some kind of participatory activity. The Finnish traditions may involve directing a stage play, acting in a stage play or even selling tickets to the potential audience in the theater. There is a huge number of theatrical companies in the country of Finland. The advent of the television medium of broadcasting has ensured in the production of visually stunning productions. These televised stories have a gripping storyline and are even exported abroad.

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