Must See Attractions in Finland

Finland is one of the most affluent European countries blessed with a plethora of fascinating tourist sites, fabulous cities and medieval towns, breathtaking beauty and endless variety of outdoor activities. A visit to Finland – a land of enchantment, is nothing else but a truly unique and different experience.

No matter you are in Finland for a romantic honeymoon, a family holiday or a business trip, you are assured to have a vacation of a lifetime! Here is a list of top Finnish attractions and destinations you shouldn’t miss out.


Lapped by the Baltic Sea, Helsinki is Finland’s austere yet elegant capital attracting visitors from every corner of the world. It is a spectacularly beautiful and uniquely attractive city and boasts some of Finland’s most visited attractions. Swedish fortress of Suomenlinna is Helsinki’s most popular and famous attraction, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was built in the second half of the 18th century on 6 islands located at the entrance of the city’s harbor. Korkeasaari zoo, Children’s Museum, Sibelius Monument, Aerohot hot-air balloon fights, Teddy Bear and Hobby Museum, Presidential Palace and Finlandia Hall is also worth to be checked out and is easy to access on foot, by bus or by boat. If you are an outdoor enthusiast in search of energetic pursuits, Helsinki is a perfect getaway.


One of the few pristine unspoiled lands on the planet, Lapland – the so-called Land of the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights, is something that should be on top of anyone’s ‘must see’ list. It is a Finnish province of historical importance, consisting of various municipalities. Attractions and activities in Lapland are somehow connected with nature. There is everything for land and water adventures alike, from fishing, river rafting, canoeing, trekking and rowing in summer and autumn to dog sled safaris, snowboarding, reindeer safaris, downhill skiing in winter and a horde of water activities connected to different kinds of vessels, like riverboat cruises, sea rafting and much more. Yet, your visit to Lapland will be incomplete if you do not head to Santa Park, Rovaniemi – a Yule-themed amusement center, housed in a huge cavern in a hill known as Syvasenvaara Fell.

Arktikum Museum, Santa Claus Post Office, Aurora Borealis and Arctic Amethyst Ltd., Luosto are what makes Lapland a truly magic getaway.

Old Rauma

An outstanding example of an old Nordic city constructed in wood Old Rauma is a superb town steeped in culture and a popular meeting place for shoppers and gourmets. Founded in the mid-15th century, it’s an authentic and living World Heritage Town ideal for just wandering around the narrow cobblestoned streets, enjoying the scenery. Several homes in this town have been converted into museums, including the Merla House, which is the most interesting one and is highly recommended to tourists. Other highlights are Kirsti, which is a basic seafarer’s house, the exterior of the former City Hall or the Rauma Museum and others. In this wondrous city life, dwelling, working and social life go hand in hand making a single unit operation.

Other famous attractions in Finland that are worth visiting include Viapori-Sveaborg Fortress – one of the largest fortresses on Earth, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Design District or Finland’s artistic melting pot; St. Olaf’s Castle, Olavinlinna – a beautiful 15th-century-built castle that is visited all year round; and Turku – the oldest town in Finland that is declared as the country’s Christmas City where people gather together every Christmas Eve to listen to a Christmas declaration.

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