The domestic servant and a well-founded family

Once in Finland prosperous families had house workers who constantly lived in their house, made the room, did the cleaning, went shopping, cooked food, watched children of their masters… More well-founded families had the housekeepers, tutors for children, gardeners, cooks …

It was the widespread phenomenon and was equitable to the interests of those who were employed, as well as lonely women who felt necessity to have a family and were happy in this way.

But the situation changed and became the one we have today. In Finland there are a lot of families which have the possibility to employ house servants: the old married couples needing help in cleaning the house and in cooking, in many other services, there are also some category of families where both spouses are extremely occupied and need house workers…

And if the occupied people can employ only the worker for rendering of social services the latters can assist old families, paying them for each arrival. The Finnish laws have met today the people employing the servant and, if for a year the payment doesn’t exceed 1500 euros it is not necessary to pay taxes to the employer. It is only enough to inform tax service on the paid sum to the concrete person in the end of the year.

Once in Finland, as well as in all Europe to employ the servant was natural, returning to this normal phenomenon, and today’s public opinion is again in favor of it and thinks that it doesn’t matter as was thought before in a democratic character of  society.
Thus how many occupied women there can be who will with pleasure undertake this work, and how many well-founded families can help them with it? Stimulation of such process in the Finnish society is appreciable, questions already dare at level of the government and local bodies that will favorably affect the results.

Also we may hope that families of doctors, lawyers, businessmen, teachers… can (as it was during old times) employ an assistant on the house, without complicating thus, and facilitating the life.

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