Exploring Southern Finland: Vantaa, Vihti, Hanko

We basically categorize the world countries into four categories –eastern, western, northern and southern. Well it’s a relative categorization. Since for Asian countries western countries are the European ones, while say, for France they might be basically Portugal and Spain. Whatever it is, all these categories are set up to show the difference as well.

Southern Finland

Photo by wili_hybrid

Our focus of interest is Finland and if we place its eastern, western, northern and southern parts under review, we will see that although they share the same Finnish culture and history, they are different. Even the culture and history at some moment start appearing differently. As for example the northern part of Finland might have been at war, while the Southern not at the same time, so if you separate then those “regions” might have even different histories with a common background. Even the habits might differ and thus the people’s attitude as well.

On the whole, if we compare the northern and southern parts of Finland, then there are weather differences, it’s colder in the northern part than in the southern; the north seems to be covered with permanent snow, while the south has more chances to enjoy the green of spring and the blue of the sky with the sun smiling from high above. Overall, both the north and the south are wonderful; the north embraces the magic of the Santa Claus and the south – the warmth and colors of the seasons.

Southern Finland 1

Photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

Southern Finland is not so popular with the tourists since the capital Helsinki, and major cities as well as Lapland have managed to take over the hearts of tourists to Finland. However, if you dare to go beyond the set and known site you will eventually open a new world; a world which is interesting, modest and exciting.


Vantaa is a lot like Bilbao. Just like the latter Vantaa is a modern and innovative city. In general, Vantaa is located quite close to the capital and therefore it does not require any special planning. You can get there by bus or by train. If you would like to get their even earlier, then by train is a better option.

What to do? Those who have little or no knowledge of Vantaa should visit Vantaa City Museum presenting the history of Vantaa. Note many people understand the core of contemporary art, but if you love it, then visit Vantaa Art Museum. Church of St. Lawrence is one of the most popular Finnish churches. It should be mentioned that the Church is one of the most favorite venues for Finnish people, especially Finnish couples who choose to get married in exactly this church dating to 1460s. So chances are high you will manage to witness a Finnish wedding.

Vantaa, Southern Finland

Photo by MikeAncient

No matter you are traveling alone or with your family you should make sure to visit Flamingo Leisure Center and Jumbo Shopping Center. It includes a water park, spa and wellness center, bowling, various restaurants, night club and so on. If you happen to visit Vantaa on Tuesday or Thursday, then plan your day so as to visit Tulisuudelma. It’s a dance club and restaurant with live music on the mentioned days.


Vihti is for people who love and appreciate the beauty and power of nature. Although the city has a number of museums and attractions (Granary Museum, 19th century farm equipment and utensils; Vihti Church, dating to 1772; Galleria Pictor, presents Finnish and international art), you will absolutely love the activities it offers. It seems to be a sports city and everybody seems to be involved in outdoor recreational and adventurous activities. Among many things, Vihti offers paddling, swimming, golfing, Nordic skating and so on.

Vihti, Southern Finland

Photo by darkismus

Nuuksio National Park is one of the best national parks in Southern Finland where you will find astounding beauty and immense serenity is located here. And if you wonder it’s one of the top things to see in Finland.


Seeking romance or love in Finland? Neither Helsinki, nor any other place will offer as many opportunities as Hanko will. There is even a path known as the Path of Love. It offers mesmerizing views of the sea and the city. Kayaking, sailing and windsurfing are three activities not to miss on your visit to Hanko, especially if you are traveling with your loved one.

Hanko, Southern Finland

Photo by Idhren

A piece of advice to all the visitors of this small city would be to walk as much as you can. If you dare, we would also recommend taking off your shoes and walk barefooted to feel the soil under your feet and the soul of this city closer.


Exploring Southern Finland: Porvoo, Loviisa and Kouvola

Finland surprises every single time and always. Having visited the majority of this awesome country and spending more than awesome time in this land of Finnish people, people might think there is nothing else to see. But Finland is like a special magical box containing ceaseless surprises. And from the point of tourism it’s more than great.

If someone ever asks you why you love Finland, or why you want to visit exactly Finland, then just simply say “because of the thousand reasons you have no idea of”. It’s hard to single out a particular reason and say that is why you should visit Finland. In a broader sense you should visit Finland just because it’s Finland and that’s it.

Finland visit

Photo by Marko_K

The north of Finland and Finnish Lapland are two parts of this country that need to be explored by all means. But if you have time, then don’t ignore the southern part as chances are high you will love it. Here are three cities we recommend visiting:


Just look at the picture below. It’s historical Porvoo and it looks wonderful, doesn’t it? It will take more or less an hour and a half to get to Porvoo from capital Helsinki by bus. If you have rented a car or are traveling by your own, then it might take even less. If you are traveling with your loved one, we would recommend going for the romantic option – get there by boat. You will be astounded. Just note that the boat tour is not that suitable for people who are in a hurry. The views are great but it will take you around 9 hours to get there.

Porvoo, Finland

Photo by la_febbra

Since it is highly likely you know very little about this city, it would be great to visit the Porvoo Museum. The museum will introduce you to the history of this city. The exhibitions feature arts and crafts.

Bicycle rental is available. You can opt for it and get to know the city by bike. One thing to take advantage of here is the sauna. You might not know much about the history of Finland and neither Finnish culture but there is one thing to know and moreover, try – Finnish saunas and also learn the Finnish sauna etiquette.


Loviisa is listed among the small Finnish cities. It’s an hour-drive from the capital city. This small city has breathtaking views created by the sea landscapes, wooden buildings that have historical significance and the 18th century fortifications. A visit should be paid to the Old Town. The Old Town dates to the 18th century.

Loviisa, Finland

Photo by tuija

Loviisa visitors should pay a visit to Laivasilta Marina Area housing restaurant cafes, shops and exhibitions; Svartholma Fortress dating to 174; Loviisa Town Museum with its garden; Eija’s English style garden; the Bonga Castle exhibiting colorful, textiles, oil painting s and so on.


A trip to Kouvola is for those Finnish tourists who are in search of peacefulness and serenity. Just to have an idea of how amazing Kouvala it should be said that it’s where the Repovesi Park is located.

Kouvala offers a large variety of things to see and do. One place not to miss is Verla, which has been included in the World Heritage Sites. If you have some idea of how the 19th century looked like, then Verla will make you appear there. This small village seems to have been able to preserve that feeling of the past centuries in all their beauty.

Kouvola, Finland

Photo by Kriisi

Mustila Arboretum is one of the most popular botanical gardens in Northern Europe. There is hardly any person who does not know this botanical garden. When waling there you will also reach the Mustilan Viini winery bar and shop.

The botanical garden was founded in 1902. Presently, it contains around 100 conifer species and a great number of shrubs, vines, perennials and so on.

As already said, the Repovesi National Park which is one of the top sites in Southern Finland is located in Kouvola. The park has splendid scenery with most clear lakes and ponds. It’s one of the best places to enjoy the splendor of the Finnish nature.

Repovesi National Park

Photo by Barry_Madden

Some more sites to visit are the Model Railroad Museum, Moisio Art and Catering Manor and of course, Tykkimaki Amusement Park offering over 40 games and ride.

Note that each of these cities and town has nice hotels and wonderful restaurants, where you can stay and enjoy the Finnish cuisine, respectively. Have fun and enjoy your visit to this magical land.


Hotel Helka in Helsinki

People who say there is not so much to see in Finland are perhaps those who have never taken their time to see what lies beneath the cold weather of this country. Finland is an amazing Scandinavian country, which has surprising beauty. The nature and the wildlife of this country have the power to leave all visitors speechless. In a broader sense, you don’t need to visit a particular attraction, since this country itself and its splendid views are a whole bunch of “things to see” in this wonderful land of Finnish people.

Helka Hotel 1

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But before anything all visitors should find a place to stay and place to spend the night. In general all explorations start from capital Helsinki and that is the reason why Helsinki has the most number of hotels from modest ones to “show offs” and offering excessive luxury. One of the hotels that has its honorable place among the best Helsinki hotels is Helka Hotel.

Helka Hotel includes 150 rooms equipped with traditional Finnish furniture which will grant you an opportunity to enrich your overall knowledge about Finnish culture. The interior of the rooms features light colors ensuring the guests’ serenity and tranquility. There are standard rooms, premium rooms, apartments and suites.

Standard rooms – Standard rooms are quite comfortable yet small rooms. They include WC, shower, towels, linen, basic toiletries, hair dryer, TV, phone, minibar, air conditioning, coffee and tea making facilities. Wi-Fi is available. And the room fee includes sauna from 7 am to 9 pm.

Helka Hotel 2

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Premium rooms – Compared to Standard rooms, Premium rooms are much larger. They include WC, shower, premium-toiletries, hair dryer, TV, phone, minibar, air conditioning, coffee and tea making facilities and lap-top-pillow. The room fee includes Wi-Fi and buffet-breakfast. The guests can also take advantage of the sauna open from 7 am to 9 pm and also get minibar and restaurant discounts. This is a great option considering the fact that you might want to save in order to spend it on attractions.

Suites – The suites come with a living room, bedroom and a private sauna. Well, as they say, one thing not to miss in Finland is the Finnish sauna. Start enjoying right at your hotel.

Apartments – The apartments are for people for who convenience is a must and feeling at home is a priority. The hotel’s apartments include Wi-Fi, home theater, iron, washing machine, coffee and tea making facilities, toaster, microwave oven, dish washer and full dining set. Extra bed is available upon request. So all conveniences are provided to make you feel relaxed. If you want to stay at these apartments, then make sure to bring some family pictures in order to create the close to complete picture of your family and house.

Helka Hotel 3

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The hotel’s restaurant offers breakfast and dinner. The focus is made on Finnish cuisine, which is great taking into account that you are a tourist to Finland and need to learn everything you can. However, if you want some other cuisine, the restaurant serves international cuisine as well. The cheapest bottle of wine comes at EUR 31 at the restaurant, while a glass of wine will cost you EUR 6.60 the least.

The hotel also has a bar with separate areas for smokers and non-smokers. The bar is open every day from 4 pm to 1 am. For those who cannot imagine their life without internet there is free Wi-Fi in the bar.

The hotel is a great option for not only staying for a certain period of time but also for organizing meetings and conferences. There are two meeting rooms accommodating 32 and 60 people, respectively. The meeting rooms are quite elegantly furnished. There is also a smaller meeting room for a smaller meeting. Upon request you might also have coffee breaks which can be held right in the meeting room or in the hotel’s restaurant where you can also try some Finnish desserts.

Helka Hotel 4

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The room prices might change depending on the season. However, as of today, the single standard rooms come at EUR 78 per night (for one person), single premium rooms – EUR 98 per night (for one person) and the suite at EUR 270 per night (for one person).


Oulu: The Amazing Northernmost City

There are aspects in which the city of Oulu is referred to with the superlative degree; for example it’s one of the most populous Finnish cities, it’s one of the largest northernmost cities on the world and we have another one – it’s one of the most modest cities as well. From the point of attractions, the city might not represent huge interest but as a whole with its specific nature and architecture the city will astound its visitors.


Photo by Juho Holmi

Being an inseparable part of Finland, Oulu seems to be cut from it as well. First of all, it’s due to its location; we have said it more than once that Northern Finland and its beauty are beyond everything and besides that, this city is like an open-air lab. By saying this, we do not imply that there is certain lab where experiments and tests are carried out, we imply the entire city where local Finnish people experiment with the new technology.

Oulu is an amazing city and is worth a visit during your travel in Finland. This city offers a number of programs involving international students, and scope of activities varies greatly. In just two months the city will host international students from Armenia and Lithuania who all study in the sphere of music and will come together with local Finnish youth to introduce their culture and raise awareness. And most importantly, it works both ways.

Oulu 1

Photo by Daniele Zanni

What the Finland tourists tend to do is arrive in Helsinki, spend there some time, explore the city and then move on and explore the rest. So considering the fact in all likelihood, you are going to do the same, we suggest the following ways to get Oulu. First f all, the distance between Oulu and Helsinki is 606 kilometers. Almost all the possible transportation options are available.

We would recommend getting there by train. Going to Oulu by train will help you explore the Finnish nature in all its beauty as well. However, you should take into account that it will take you around six hours. Going by bus or by plane is also possible. Well, by bus it will take you more, and by plane you might have only the above view missing the scenery. Another option is renting a car, this way you will ensure you independence and be the one “dictating” your route rules.

Oulu 2 fall

Photo by ptrktn

You don’t need to worry about where to stay in Oulu. There are various accommodation option. What you should pay attention to is the fact that this city lacks five star hotels. I doubt that staying at a five-star hotel is a must for you, but if it’s a must, then take it into account. The number of hotels in Oulu is not so large, yet it’s sufficient and beyond doubt nobody will be left outside. If you are traveling with your family, then you can check out if Oulu offers apartels or not. Note that there are plenty of apartels in Helsinki.

And now briefly about what you can do in Oulu.

Safaris – This is for people looking for some indescribable emotions and experiences. There are team competitions. If you are planning to go for safaris then make sure not to miss the competitions as they are so much fun!

Oulu 3

Photo by Daniele Zanni

Private cruise – If you afford it, then a private cruise on board of SPS Oulu promises to be most exciting. You will have a chance to not only enjoy the views, but also go deeper into them – swim in the sea. Those people who are in Oulu on business purposes can take advantage of this ship and organize their meetings or conferences on it.

Escurial Zoo – This Zoo is a perfect venue for people traveling with children. Why exactly children? Well, adults will enjoy their time in this zoo, but children will simply love, for example, holding the baby animals, or ride a pony. One thing to consider when planning a visit to this park is that it’s not open all year round. It’s open from May to August. Considering it’s summer now and for next three months it’s still summer, you are lucky! If you are visiting the zoo in fall, then you should know that I n that case you will have to arrange the visit beforehand and in groups.

SnowWorld, activities offered at Virpiniemi Sports Institute and Speedpark are several more place to visit in Oulu.


Daytrips to Espoo, Lake Tuusula and Lohja

Visiting Finland and seeing only what capital Helsinki has to offer means not visiting Finland, because Finland is never limited to its capital and although yes, the capital city has much to entertain its curious tourists and keep them busy, you should have relevant amount of days to explore other parts of Finland as well. A must is Northern Finland. You should not miss Lapland either! Note every day you get a chance to visit the birthplace of Santa and irrespective of the fact you believe in him or not, this magical piece of land is worth visiting.


Photo by Daniele Zanni

To help you with planning, we have come up with the following daytrips from the capital city. There are many options and we have picked the best in our opinion for to enjoy to the full.


Espoo is one of the most popular Finnish cities and is located quite close to Helsinki. It is the second largest city in Finland. There are a lot of things to do in Finland but since it’s a daytrip we suggest that you pick among the following – EMMA, Santa’s Cottage and Nuuksio National Park.

EMMA – EMMA is not a girl’s name but rather an abbreviation standing for Espoo Museum of Modern Art but be sure you will be impressed by it as much as you would be by a an elegant woman or girl. It’s one of the largest art museum sin Finland and is beyond doubt worth a visit.


Photo by wili_hybrid

Santa’s Cottage – Well, we know where Santa is said to be born, but what does he do when he is “off?” If you are traveling with children, then make sure not to miss this cottage where Santa stays with his elves. It’s also a chance for children to pass their wish list to Santa.

Nuuksio National Park – Nuuksio is one of the most popular national parks in Southern Finland. It was established in 1996 and if you do want to visit it, then you should know that you will be expected to spend at least three hours there. The park’s mesmerizing views should simply not be missed.

Lake Tuusula

Lake Tuusula is the ideal place to feel inspired. The area is particularly popular because some of the most renowned Finnish artists used to live and stay there. The area is quite easily accessible. You can get there by bus or train, or if you have rented a car, then apparently by car.

Lake Tuusula

Photo by Marendins!

Some of the things to see here is the splendid scenery in the first place, and then the home of composer Jean Sibelius. Those who are into music and those who are not but have already seen the Sibelius monument, which we have listed among the “Wow Finnish Monuments” as well as among the “Finnish monuments worth seeing,” should have already guessed who Jean Sibelius is. Those wishing to learn more about the role of women in the Finnish history should visit Lotta Museum.


Ready to have half an hour drive from Helsinki? If yes, then you will appear in one of the most wonderful town where the Finnish nature is in its full blossom. Lohja is a small town. Those who have delved deep into the Finnish culture and history must know about the Finnish national epic – The Kalevala. It was inspired from by the landscape of this town! Just imagine how great it is!


Photo by BMiz

Lohja seems to be an open air museum. The largest lake in southern Finland is located here, and fishing is one of the most relaxing and at the same time entertaining activities to for here. Other than that, people in this part of Finland seem to be particularly warm toward others, be they locals or enthusiastic Finnish tourists. The list of other activities includes various water sports, skating, ice surfing, diving in underwater caves and so on.


Apartels in Helsinki

Apartels or apartment hotels are getting more and more popular, although as of today they cannot be found in all cities around the world irrespective of how touristic the latter are. Leaving aside the rest of the cities it should be said that capital Helsinki is listed among those offering these apartment hotels and their numbers is quite large.


Photo by Riku Kettunen

If they sound a new thing for you, then you should know that booking an apartment hotel greatly resembles renting an apartment. The difference is that as a rule, there are no fixed contracts or whatsoever and there is neither fixed “check-out.”

The most wonderful and exciting part of these hotels is that they are not like an ordinary room in a hotel but rather a whole house, which is yours for the time you are staying in in this case. And it’s not that you will be needing to buy any convenience since they are equipped with all modern conveniences, so all you will be doing there is enjoy yourself and to the fullest.

Apartementos Helsinki

Apartementos Helsinki is located within a close distance from the city center. You will not even need to take a bus or any other means of transport to get to the center. This apartment hotel includes several types of apartments with a hall, living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom. The apartments are equipped with a stove, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer and so on.

Apartementos Helsinki

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It should be noted that the hotel is located quite far from the capital city’s hustle and bustle; in quite a quiet area. One thing to know is that the apartments are available for rent for 3 days minimum and the cheapest one comes at EUR 115. Upon making the reservation, make sure to mention the exact number of people with you and the ages of the children, of course if you are traveling with kids.

You might want to rent an apartment at the hotel on the spot, but prior reservation is highly recommended, otherwise you might not find one available at the time of your arrival.

Aallonkoti Apartment Hotel

Aallonkoti Apartment Hotel is one of the best ones in its type. The hotel includes 18 apartments. What makes this hotel stand out is its excellent location, which provides wonderful views of the Finnish capital.

Aallonkoti Apartment Hotel

Photo by

The apartments are classified into several categories – studio, deluxe-suite, two-bedroom apartment, Sibelius, hymn penthouse and Finlandia penthouse. The sizes of the rooms differ and so does the interior but they all feature the same Scandinavian look.

The apartments have a furnished terrace, flat TV screen, Wi-Fi, audio Radio, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, iron and an ironing board. The services offered by the hotel include a parking space, breakfast, cleaning, sauna, baggage and car rental if you wish to explore Helsinki by car.

Eskolampi Apartment Hotel

Compared with the two other apartment hotels discussed in this post, Eskolampi Apartment Hotel is a smaller one. There is one peculiarity this hotel simply brags about and it’s its location. Those planning to visit Finland and curious about the monuments in Helsinki have beyond a shadow of doubt heard about the Sibelius Monument one of the most outstanding and unique monuments in its type. So this apartment hotel is located very close to the Sibelius Park.

Eskolampi Apartment Hotel

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The hotel includes one-room and two-room apartments, which have a kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen includes an oven, stove, microwave, coffee machine and so on. So if you love cooking and moreover, if as a tourist to Finland you want to not only travel around the country but are also interested in its culture, particularly, in its cuisine, then you can try cooking Finnish foods right in the Finnish capital. I bet the Finnish air will be the spice you need to have the cooking done more than well.

As to the bathrooms, they come with a washing machine, hair dryer, iron and ironing board.


Helsinki Clubs with Live Music

Nothing can replace the sensations, emotions and feelings live music sparks. It makes all your elements go live momentarily even if you don’t like a particular song that much, you seem to start liking it. Dancing to live music, listening to live music and simply enjoying it, is one of the most relaxing and craziest pastimes.

Helsinki clubs

Photo by Juska Wendland

Luckily for all Finland travelers who also appreciate good and quality music, capital Helsinki has a number of clubs where live music seems to sound round the clock. It’s a wonderful chance for people to spend great time accompanied with the notes of Finnish and international music. Thus, these clubs will also provide a great chance for you to delve into the Finnish culture and have a broader idea of what peculiarities Finnish people have, what music preferences are typical of them, and so on.

On the Rocks

On the Rocks club has been enjoying the presence of many visitors since 2001. The club is ideally located in the center of Helsinki, so you will easily find it. It’s a great venue for especially those people whose hotel is also in the center, so the club will be within a walking distance.

On the Rocks Helsinki

Photo by mandrl

What makes this club especially attractive is the program it offers every night. Visitors can enjoy live music, jam nights and stand up every night. It’s open every day until 4 am.

Although the club is open every day, the best time within the week is at the weekends. It’s when it offers an excellent and crazy DJ party with lots of dancing.

Apollo Live Club

Ever wanted to attend a theater-club? Or did you ever imagine there might be such a club? There is and is located in the Finnish capital. This club was built into an old movie theater and thus the live music performances in this club resemble those in concert halls. The club opened its doors in 2007 and since then has been gaining more popularity with visitors.

Apollo Live Club

Photo by Senjaopettaa

Apollo Live Club is usually full of people on Fridays and Saturdays. The club invites prominent Scandinavian bands to play music there. The live music is played until 3 am! Make sure to stay at least a bit sober to be able to find your hotel in the heat of your crazy Finnish night.

Happy Jazz Club Storyville

Do you love jazz? Do you feel each of its notes deep inside your core? If yes, then you are welcome to Happy Jazz Club Storyville, where you will spend a most pleasant time.

Happy Jazz Club Storyville

Photo by impalerspeaks

Happy Jazz Club Storyville is located behind the Parliament of Finland. Notably it’s not only one of the best jazz clubs in Finland but in all Europe as well. The club is open from 8 pm to 3 am on Wednesdays, and from 8 am to 4 am from Thursday to Sunday. During these four nights the club takes care to have both Finnish and international jazz bands to entertain its guests.

Bar Loose

As the name suggests, Bar Loose is where visitors feel themselves absolutely footloose and fancy free. This bar is for people of different tastes. Note that it does not offer pop music. It’s for people who love rock music and also, appreciate soul music. Soul music of the 60s is played in this bar. It’s a real heaven for people who adore the music of the past, in which the technologies played but a slightest role. You will love it.

Bar Loose

Photo by lo-ny

The bar is open from 4 pm to 2 am from Monday to Tuesday and from 4 pm to 4 am from Wednesday to Saturday and from 6 pm to 4 am on Sunday. Beyond a shadow of doubt, this is the bar to visit for people with relaxed nature and people seeking best quality music and time.


Enjoying Finland: Where Exactly and How?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when there is a talk about Finland? The cold, want it or not, Finland is associated with cold weather, trembling hands and freezing body. However, Finland is one of the warmest ones among Scandinavian countries, and what should be mentioned by all means, is that even if Finland were the coldest, a visit to this awesome land of Finnish people should never be missed. At least once our eyes should see and experience the wonders this wonderful land offers.

Photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

National Parks

Finland has lots of attractions and it does have many things to brag about but the national parks of Finland scattered in Eastern Finland, Southern Finland, and everywhere in Finland, are its true wonder. It’s where the beauty of nature is expressed at its most and it’s where the heart and soul and the mind appear in a full harmony. The views lying in front of view are so relieving and relaxing that after visiting a single national park in Finland, you might want to give up on all your plans and simply explore only these natural wonders.

Photo by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

The national parks in Lapland are one of the most awesome things to see not only in Finland but also in the world. These parks are a top destination, especially in winter when the snow dominates in every corner and the white thick veil covers each inch of this piece of land, most widely known as the birthplace of Santa.

Note that there are various volunteering opportunities for the lovers of Finland’s nature, so if you feel Finland’s nature calls you, do not hesitate.

A Stay at Huts

What do most people want from their travel? Convenience, very often combined with luxury. Go beyond the limits. Convenience is not that much fun. Go for the crazy, do what you would not be able to do in anywhere, go for the unique, and why not, stay at the huts! A night at the huts promises to be most memorable. Well, they will not provide the convenience you would enjoy at Finnish hotels or even hostels, but you will feel yourself closer to the nature.

Photo by jjay69

One thing to be aware is that there are various types of huts available. Some need to be booked in advance and it is mostly due to the great number of Finnish tourists. And also, most of the huts come free of charge. So you will also be able to save money in order to spend it on other things. Note that there are no restaurants or cafes where the huts are, since these huts are located in the nature, so you will have to take some food. It will be even more awesome if you take some Finnish foods, so you will get to know Finnish cuisine as well.

Snow Village in Kittila

Well, most foreign visitors make their plans which as a rule are being limited to capital Helsinki. But Helsinki is not all, and no capital city will never be the true treasure of a particular country. Well, the capital city is where the most entertainments are located but dare to cross those borders and visit Kitilla village. This name might not say much to you, but those who have ever been there will beyond doubt agree with me it’s magnificent, it’s splendid and if you miss it, you will not have a second place to experience it.

Photo by Peter576 (._.)

What is the Snow Village and what does it offer? First off, it’s now a real village but rather an attraction available at certain hours. The Snow Village includes a hotel, a restaurant, a bar and lobbies. The activities the Snow Village offers include and are not limited to reindeer excursions, snowshoe excursions, ice fishing, ice sculpting, husky safaris, a horseback riding and so on. So you have a full package, one thing to consider beforehand is the price, be ready to pay, as this package is most attractive but it’s not free.

The Northern Lights

Although the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis – have their scientific explanation, in reality who cares for it when they are so damn beautiful. They are a real natural wonder worth to be seen once. Finland, more precisely Northern Finland is the place to go to catch those lights. Their splendor cannot be described In words. All you can do is admire.

Photo by timo_w2s

Not to miss a single moment of these lights we suggest that you visit Saariselka fell and book a glass igloo at Kakslauttanen Hotel. A night in the glass igloo, the Northern Lights soaring above and especially your loved one beside you is an indescribable feeling. You will then thank Finland for this amazing experience not once.


Pleasant Time in Helsinki Parks

If you take your time and count the number of national parks in all Finland then you might give up half way as the number is huge. There are national parks in each part of Finland, including breathtaking Lapland. If this country has such a large number of national parks it simply means that it will have even more parks. There are parks in all cities of Finland, and capital Helsinki is one of those Finnish cities where the one third is covered by parks and green areas. Great, isn’t it? Which are the major parks in Helsinki?

Photo by tapioliller

Esplanade Park

Esplanade Park is one of the best places in Helsinki for a most pleasant stroll. The park has a central location and is surrounded by a plenty of high-class restaurants. Other than that, its good location makes the park also a wonderful destination close to which you can shop for souvenirs and gifts for the close ones.

The park’s history dates back to the 19th century. It was established with the goal to draw a line between the downtown and the new uptown. Within a very short period of time the park pulled the attention of the upper class representatives who used to visit it and walk around.

Photo by Katri Niemi

Flower of Life Art Park

Are you visiting Helsinki with children? If yes, then make sure to visit Flower of Life Art Park, where your children will not only have a great time but also develop some knowledge about art, particularly through sculptures. The park contains various sculptures and is an ideal destination for children, especially those kids who are under three. Surprised? Wait until you get there and see the interest and curiosity of your children towards those sculptures.

As a rule, children hurry to play with them. There is also a playground.

Photo by Rowanhill

Gardenia Helsinki

Gardenia Helsinki is a tropical garden established in 2001. The garden is open all year round but the entrance is not free of charge, however, it’s not expensive at all either. Adults will have to pay EUR 4 and children aged 3-17 – EUR 2.

It should be said that upon its establishment the owners of the garden pursued one goal – to present those plant which are used by people this or that way. That is why the majority of the species are represented by exotic fruits and spices. The garden includes palm trees, bamboos, cotton, mango and so on. All this as a whole make the garden a desirable venue.

Note that Gardenia is closed on Friday and is open from 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Thursday and from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday-Sunday.

Photo by taivasalla

Kaisaniemi Park

Kaisaniemi is one of the most popular parks in Helsinki, which hosts not only a number of Finnish people each day but tourists as well. It might be primarily due to its location – being centrally located it always appears in the center of attention of people walking in the capital.

The park includes basketball and tennis courts and therefore the youth is especially attracted to it. It should be said that the park hosts various concerts, events and festivals.

Photo by Andrew-M-Whitman

Kaivopuisto Park

Kaivopuisto Park is said to be one of the oldest in Helsinki. One thing that makes this park stand out is its location beside the sea. It’s a wonderful option for people who do not have sea in their country and who do not often travel to sea countries to feel the power and magic of the sea and its waves.

The park covers a large territory on which you will find not only grass to lie on in summer but also many restaurants to try Finnish cuisine. There is also a nightclub for those having no wish to stay at their hotel feeling locked within the walls of their room.

Two more parks worth to add on your list are the Sibelius Park, where you will find one of the most amazing Finnish monuments – Sibelius monument, that will astonish you with its greatness, and Toolonlahti Bay, where you will see a myriad of plants and spend a most relaxing time.


May Holidays and Festivals in Finland

Those planning to visit Finland – the land of Finnish people – in May, are welcome to read on and read about the festivals and holidays Finland offers in the last spring month. To learn about how you should dress up in Finland as well as about to wear in order not to fall “victim” to weather conditions, get acquainted with the peculiarities of Finnish seasons in advance.

May Day on May 1

The very first day of the last spring month starts with the celebration of May Day, an old holiday which has pagan origin. Later it was converted to a spring festival.

Photo by Rodrigo Quiñones

May Day is a noisy working class holiday, with the huge involvement of university students and workers. The celebration of this holiday is held in most of the cities in Finland. One of the major Finnish cities where the holiday is especially widely celebrated is capital Helsinki. All restaurants in Helsinki as well as pubs and bars get filled with the mood of the holiday. People drink and enjoy. People wear scary or funny masks and wigs and there seem to be thousands of colorful balloons.

Mother’s Day on May 11

Mother’s Day is one of the most beautiful and kindest holidays celebrated all around the world. This holiday has been celebrated in Finland following World War I and Finland’s War of Independence – since 1918. Vilho Reima – while this name might sound unknown to many people, it’s exactly this person who brought the holiday to Finland. Vilho was a school teacher. Following Finnish War of Independence there were lots of widows and mothers who had lost their sons and the teacher’s ultimate idea was to draw attention to those women.

Photo by muora

Children prepare cards and small gifts for their mothers. This process is “completed” the day before the holiday starts. What the family does is they prepare a nice Finnish breakfast and serve their mother in the morning and present their gifts. During the day there are many concerts and parties dedicated to the Mother’s Day.

Vaasa Choir Festival on May 14-18

Vaasa Choir Festival is for lovers of choir music. The festival lasts five days and is held in Tampere. The festival is held in order to celebrate the end of the choral season. Over 100 concerts are held within the performance. The music sounds in churches, concert hall, schools and restaurants.

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The festival features the following performers this year — Masterpiece Quartet, Kammerkoor Head Ööd, Vend, Kauppakorkeakoulun Ylioppilaskunnan Naislaulajat, Satu Sopanen & Fort Big Band & Ralf Nyqvist, Irmelin, Philomela, Felix Zenger, Jyväskylän Naislaulajat and Vaasa City Orchestra.

World Village Festival on May 24-25

Head to Kaisaniemi Park (one of the best places to go for a wonderful walk) and Railway Square on May 24. It’s a wonderful festival featuring cultures around the world. The festival has been celebrated in Finland since 1995 and since 2005 it has been held in May.

Photo by wili_hybrid

Over 70000 people were said to participated in the festival in 2011. This year the festival will be celebrated on May 24 and beyond a shadow of doubt there will be more people this year. Around 150 performances will be featured this year. There will be a lot of fun there with music, circus, dances and theater performances.

Ascension Day on May 29

Our list of May festivals and holidays completes with the Ascension Day, which is a Christian holiday and will be celebrated on May 29 this year. As a rule, it occurs 39 days after Easter Sunday. The holiday commemorates our Savior Jesus Christ’s ascension to heaven.

Every country has holidays during which the entire state seems to be closed for it. In case of Finland it’s this holiday. So if you are a tourist to Finland planning to do some shopping or purchase Finnish souvenirs, you might want to do it a day earlier or the next day. It should be said that does not mean at all that you are not going to find anything open. There are small shops and stores that will keep their doors open for you.