Finland Guide

Finland Guide

Finland is one of the largest and the most amazing countries in Europe, situated in its northern part  and bordering Sweden on the west, Norway on the north and Russia […]



Probably everyone has heard of one of the most fascinating capitals of Europe: Helsinki. Helsinki is the capital of Finland, a lively modern city with a population that counts more […]



Finnish Lapland is situated in the north of Finland and occupies over a third part of the total area of Finland. Clean and serene nature of Lapland is a wonderful […]



The city of Oulu is one of the most developing cities of Finland, founded in 1605 Oulu now is the largest city in northern Finland, a center where wood is […]


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    Amazing Oulanka National Park

    Oulanka is one of the most mesmerizing and spectacular parks in the world. The reason why Oulanka national park was established does not require any explanation for those who have […]

  • Finnish National Parks: “Code of Conduct”

    Finnish National Parks: “Code of Conduct”

    Spending some quality time close to nature is one of the best pastimes for the soul, especially if you are traveling with your beloved one. Finland is a country, which […]

  • Staying or Resting at Huts

    Staying or Resting at Huts

    Although the weather in Finland is warmer compared with the rest of Scandinavian countries, this awesome country still enjoys thick cover of snow for almost nine months a year and […]

  • GLO Hotel Kluuvi Helsinki

    GLO Hotel Kluuvi Helsinki

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    Preparing Finnish Foods

    Amazing Finland has much to be proud of. If we put aside the weather conditions and variations (for those who cannot stand the cold), the rest is absolutely great in […]

  • Finnish Monuments Worth Seeing

    Finnish Monuments Worth Seeing

    Monuments are also part of a culture encompassing information and details not only about their own creation but also about the particular period, history and accepted manners. There are a […]

  • Dressing up for Cold Lapland

    Dressing up for Cold Lapland

    “I wanna go to Lapland, I wanna see this natural land, I wanna explore it… I want Lapland!!!” This is what comes to mind after we see the Aurora Borealis, […]

  • Urho Kekkonen National Park in Lapland

    Urho Kekkonen National Park in Lapland

    Happiness is s choice and its components usually vary from one person to another. But the general truth is that those people regret in their lives who love less and […]

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Finland

    UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Finland

    What criteria does a site need to meet to be regarded as UNESCO World Heritage? It can be a forest, a mountain, a lake, a building, which bears special cultural […]

  • Habits of Finnish People

    Habits of Finnish People

    Did you ever think of how Finns will receive you or how they will treat you? Did you ever wonder what habits they have, what kind of behavior they would […]