Preparing Finnish Foods

Amazing Finland has much to be proud of. If we put aside the weather conditions and variations (for those who cannot stand the cold), the rest is absolutely great in this country. Finland is a great country for not only visiting as a tourist but also for moving and starting a good and promising life. Who has ever not wished to see the Aurora Borealis or go for a husky ride or visit the birthplace of Santa? Well, with all these tempting things to do and see in Finland, the Finnish cuisine is a bit “ignored”, while it’s tasty, it’s rich and it’s worth trying both in Finland and outside of it.

Here are a number of Finnish foods we suggest that you try in Finland or prepare at home:



Mustikkapiirakka is a delicious Finnish Blueberry Pie and no matter how committed to your diet you are, you will be tempted to eat a piece and then another piece and then … there is no pie left. Well, it was a joke, but the pie is really tasty and preparing it would be a good surprise for your family and friends.

To prepare Mustikkapiirakka, you will need soft butter, caster sugar, eggs, rice flour, baking powder, blueberries, sour cream, buttermilk and vanilla extract. The preparation process is not very difficult, so you don´t need to panic. Simply follow the Mustikkapiirakka baking tips, and that’s it.



Kaalilaatikko is one of the best foods to try in Finland. There is hardly a person who has tried and disliked it. It contains cabbage, lean beef mince, and rice. It is highly recommended to prepare Kaalilaatikko with onions, for a better taste but if you hate onions then you can do without it too.



Those who love bread and yet haven’t excluded it from their meals, will for sure get interested in Perunarieska, which is the Finnish potato flat bread. I myself previously had no idea there exists such bread but if you are in Finland or if you would like to serve your dear ones extraordinary bread, then the potato flat bread is the best option, especially if we consider that if not 10 out of 10, then roughly 9 out of 10 love potatoes.

To bake this bread, you will need mashed potatos, barley flour, eggs and salt. The bread is usually served with butter and smoked salmon.


Well, the truth is not many people will dare to try this. It’s for people who love garlic and consume it, and don’t just simply speak of its health benefits. A plate of this soup will help enhance your immunity and might even combat diseases such as flu and fever.

What will you need to prepare Valkosipulikeitto? You should have potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnip, parsley and of course, garlic. You will also need milk or cream as it’s a creamy garlic soup.


Merimiespata or the Sailor’s Stew is a food for all lovers of beef. You might even want to “lick” your plate after eating it. Those hungry will simply grab this food from the table, and those who will claim they are full, will give in, in the end and ask for a plate and a fork to try it. Not only it looks appetizing, but also it tastes heavenly.

What you need to have is lean beef, butter, salt, black pepper, onions, sugar, potatoes, beef stock, a bay leaf and beer. The ingredients look promising, right? Wait until you have the food prepared. One thing to consider about this food is that Merimiespata preparation takes much time around 3 hours, so plan your cooking schedule wisely.

We will stop here but as you might have guessed there are still many foods worth trying, among them Silakat (pickled fried herring), Silakat (pickled fried herring), Kaalikääryleet (cabbage rolls), Puolukkapiirakka (lingonberry pie) and so on. Good luck and good appetite.

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